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Women's Bracelet Collection


These collections were designed and made available to you so that it could provide a source of income for our survivors, generate supplemental revenue to assist with expenses & needs of our survivors throughout the year and raise funds to achieve organizational goals such as the transition home. 


Many of the girls in our program became pregnant and have children from their assaults and since they are rejected and considered a curse, the difficultly of them getting a job increases significantly.  Life is very difficult in the Congo and survival is their primary focus, so this income is a way of assisting them in purchasing the necessities of life such as food and water so they may provide for themselves and their babies. 



All bracelets are made and assembled by the precious hands of our amazing survivors.  In addition to the income, these assembly projects also serve as therapy for their emotional pain. These projects produce a unique bonding time in which a level of comfort is developed to allow them to share their traumatic stories.  Amazing testimonies take place as their horrific stories are told and freedom is received once those stories are released.  The grip of rejection is removed and joy returns to their lives.   Awesome, is the only word to describe what takes place during these moments.


Eighty percent of the money raised from all the bracelet collections goes directly to the woman survivor who made them.  The other twenty percent covers the cost of the materials, the logistics in and out of the countries, supplies needed to make the jewelry and any remaining amount goes towards the needs of the girl's, collectively as a group or towards the transition home.


Lastly, due to the high demand of caring people like yourself, we wanted to come up with a creative way for you to support Haven of Hope.  Purchasing "Haven of Hope Gear" items not only raises funds for the needs describe above but wearing them serves the purpose of raising awareness and our efforts to fight this epidemic of

"Rape being used as a weapon of war" 

Please consider partnering with us in this small but very meaningful way.