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The Market

Haven of Hope Gear


Survivor Necklace & Earring sets


Men's Bracelet Collection

Mens (10).jpg

Women's Bracelet Collection




These collections were designed and made available for you to purchase.  All bracelets are made and assembled by the precious hands of our amazing survivors.


Life is very difficult in the Congo and the struggle for food, water and survival in general, is the primary focus.  Most of the women in our program experience social and cultural rejection so it becomes difficult for them to get a job.  Money raised from jewelry collections goes directly to the woman survivor who made them and provides a source of income to meet some of her needs.


In addition to being a source of income, these assembly projects serve as therapy for their emotional pain. These projects produce a unique bonding time in which a level of comfort is developed to allow them to share their traumatic stories.


Purchasing items from the market not only raises funds for women to survive but wearing them spreads awareness of our fight and unites a champion of people to war against the brutality and rejection of women in the D.R. Congo.

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