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Add a powerful statement to your wardrobe with our handmade bracelets, crafted by strong and resilient women survivors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Each bracelet has traveled over 9,000 miles from the hands of our Congolese girls, through multiple countries, to reach your home. By purchasing these bracelets, you are not only adding a unique and invaluable stylish accessory to your collection, but also supporting the empowerment and economic independence of these incredible women. Each purchase directly supports the Haven of Hope program, providing these women with the opportunity to rebuild their lives and create a better future for themselves and their families. Wear a symbol of hope and resilience with our handmade bracelets, knowing that your purchase has made a meaningful impact on the lives of survivors in the Congo.


*** Bracelets vary in color and size. Stretch to fit. Made with semi precious stones, including lava rock

*** Each bracelet is tagged with the name the survior who made the bracelet

Bracelets handmade by survivors

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